Leif Klingborg is a strategic consultant, known as the “leader of leaders”.

Leif studied leadership and business development first at Universities later through international Top Forums and networks. The legendary strategic consultant Mike Kami has been his most important mentor.


The mixture of being an elite sportsman and a focused student allowed Leif to work on his ambition to develop support for leaders on how to involve their co-workers to drive development and generate outstanding results. Leif and his concepts earned early recognition by some big companies which he step by step became more involved ‘with’, helping in creating architecture for company development.

Klingborg Company Development

Klingborg Company Development supports: CEO’s next step development, global teams and leadership training. More than 30 000 leaders and lot’s of co-workers have received training from Klingborg consultants. Many consultants have been trained by Leif on how to use the K Concept.

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Leif lives and runs his business out of Stockholm, Sweden. He is married to Lena; they have three grown-up children Anna, Jennie and Emil.

During the last years Leif has completed 13 marathons and 13 vasaloppet/cross country ski races.

He is deeply involved in the Federation of International Bandy